BeatBuddy Endings / Outro fills truncated (while playing perfectly fine in BBM)

Dear BeatBuddy folk,

Something really annoying I noticed for a while now … the Outro fills of the BeatBuddy are all truncated to one bar, i.e. the final crash (the one in the following bar) is cut off … now - if I listen to the endings/outros in BeatBuddy Manager - they play the endings perfectly fine, i.e. final beat/crash sound out …
I seemed to remember that this was working fine before - what has changed or how do I enable playing the full endings (as per the BBM) in the BeatBuddy …


Is this happening on default content or user-created (OPB) songs?

Hi @persist, thanks for the prompt reply - it is mostly if not all songs which use default content … like I said the outros/endings play perfectly if I play the songs in BBM … as soon as I use the BeatBuddy alone or in connecting with the Midi Maestro to “outro” the songs it truncated the last beat (usually the one in the next beat …) … very bizarre as I seemed to remember that it didn’t do this before …


Hi @persist,

Any news yet?

Can you re-produce the issue?

I am unable to replicate your issue on either of my two pedals using the latest firmware version using the default content outros.

Only thing I can think of is to reset your pedal to factory default and if you’re using a remote foot switch or Maestro, disconnect them and see if it’s still happening. If it’s no longer happening, start changing your parameters one by one until it happens again. I would reconnect the Maestro last.

It still happening, at this point I’d recommend rolling back to a previous firmware version or reinstalling the latest. If still happening, it’s time to contact and possibly Goran since it’s happening with the default content.

Hi @persist,
After various going forth & back between 3.80 & 3.99 (just the BeatBuddy with no external pedal or Midi Maestro connected) - I’m now convinced it is a bug in 3.99 …

3.80 plays the outros (in line with what I hear from BMM) perfectly un-truncated, i.e. with final beat … updating to 3.99 - the final beat is cut-off :frowning:

I also played with enabling/disenabling Intro and/or Outro in 3.99 with always the same experience - unfortunately - it looks like I’m back at 3.80 :frowning:

I’m happy to send files to demonstrate or follow further suggestions to help you with identifying the issue …

I also updated from 3.80 to 3.99 & initialised the BeatBuddy to Factory Default settings with unfortunately the same issue (truncated Outro) …


I’ll revert to 3.8 and test and then reinstall 3.99 to see if can recreate it. Meanwhile, let’s tentatively carry this forward as a bug that will require SS to validate.

@BrennanSingularSound @BeatBuddy_Support

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Thank you for reporting we can look into it,

Could you please send the .sng file in question at your earliest convenience so we can look at and reproduce what you’re seeing?

Feel free to send it to me here or privately via pm.

Thank you!

I think it happens with any and all default content outros.

Hi @BrennanSingularSound,

I think you don’t need a specific song file - as @persist mentioned - it happens with any and all default Outro files - I’m using exclusively default Outros by the way …

@TheWolf2103 could you possibly record audio/video of what you mean? If you could show us how it sounds on 3.8.0 versus 3.9.9 that would be good to see, on my end I’m seeing the opposite, when I play them side by side the ending crash is heard on 3.9.9 and not on 3.8.0.

Very odd indeed, any more evidence you could give me would be helpful here, thanks!

Hi @BrennanSingularSound, is there a way to upload files to the thread or a message?

Edit: I just sent you a message via email with attachments as requested.


Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 6.41.00 PM

Attachments are limited in size and by type so sometimes it helps to zip the attachment. The screen shots above should give you an idea of how to include attachments to your post.

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Cheers @persist - I already sent @BrennanSingularSound a email earlier with attachments.

No sweat. Can’t pass up on teachable moments about the forum.

Hi @BrennanSingularSound,

Just sent you the requested video of the issue via dropbox & the 2 song-files used in the demonstration …

Let me know if that’s sufficient to solve the issue …