Beatbuddy firmware 4.0.1: LSB limited to max 110 (bug?)

@BrennanSingularSound Hi Brennan.

I just found what seems to be a bug in FW 4.0.1 related to LSB not working above a value of 110.

I have 125 folders (so far) in my project/card and I’m trying to access a song in folder 115 (LSB=114, MSB=0) and nothing happens beyond LSB=110.

Would you mind checking this, please?

Hello, this is not a bug, but how it is intended to work.

The BB will not longer respond to MSB commands to allow for use of the BB +Aeros to select songs individually from one another. This means you can use song select to open a new song on the BB without changing the Aeros song and vice versa.

The LSB layers 111-127 control the 17 playlists. So 111=playlist 1, 112= playlist 2, … 127=playlist 17.

We understand this is a sacrifice but believe the ability to use the units independently and also create playlists with whatever songs you choose was worth the sacrifice of more than 128 folders recallable by MIDI.

Thanks for the question

@BrennanSingularSound, thank you for your prompt response.

I don’t have Aeros (nor planning to buy it) and I don’t use or need Playlists (hence the many directories that I was able to access via MIDI). So, as an original Indiegogo user of the Beatbuddy I am very dissapointed that I cannot use this capability anymore.

You (SS) have “sacrificed” me from here on as a customer.


The feature allowing more than 128 folders was only available since 3.9.9 (it was not working in 3.8.0). We understand if you recently found use for it, we can reassess and possibly make a setting there’s no need to feel like we sacrificed you.

Hi @BrennanSingularSound .

Yeah, 3.9.9 sounds right. I didn’t mean I was using this capability since the beginning, I just wanted to point out my loyalty years and also somehow imply that I didn’t expect any original capabilities to be sacrificed by new ones.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll move things around and rewrite the MIDI commands for the songs that accessed these folders (SS factory and premium folders, actually, since up front I have folders with songs I’ve built myself). I can find a work around, sure, it just doesn’t feel right the way you guys did this. Can’t you not assing other CCs to access the Playlists?

Anyway, thank you for your attention, I didn’t mean to be rude, just to express my disappointment.


It’s ok, 4.1.x for the BeatBuddy will allow you to choose between the new behavior and the one in 3.9.9.

Thanks for your feedback, we are listening!

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Thanks! Do you mean there’s a new BB 4.1.x firmware where I have the option for more than 128 folders?
EDIT: I misread the “1” in “4.1.x”. So, a future release, got it! Thanks.

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Curious why all the complexity when midi channel could be used to determine which device responds to the CC?

Some apps don’t allow sending different commands on different channels?