Beatbuddy firmware update does not complete - need help urgently

Sorry that it didn’t work. Did you try a new SD card or to reformat the one you are using?
I don’t think there’s a way for users to access the pedal firmware settings menu from a computer.
Before you open the pedal, consider contacting and see what they can do to help. I understand they might have an international toll free number (sorry, I don’t know what the number is).
@BeatBuddy Support

Yes I tried a new card, without success.
I will try to contact customer service.
Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Please send an email to with a short description of what’s going on. If you cannot enter the settings menu at all, you may need to get your unit replaced.

Hello, I try to update my BB with the new firmware and now my BB has a black screen. What can i do? please help me to?

Go to previous page of this thread and read post #6. Let us know if you get it updated and working.

I do :“Do not use the USB cable to update the firmware! Plug your SD card into your computer’s SD slot reader and copy the firmware to the SD card and then try to update the pedal.” … But it doesn’t working

The BB’s screen still black!!!

Please contact Support at