Beatbuddy Footswitch/Strymon Timeline

I recently obtained a Strymon Timeline. Wondering if the Beatbuddy Footswitch can be used as an expression pedal for that and also whether the Beatbuddy itself can be synced up very well with the looper.

I don’t think so.

The looper in the Timeline responds to the midi CC and note messages on the bottom of page 25 and top of page 26 in the Strymon Timeline manual here:

Those do not match the midi messages sent by the BeatBuddy.

It might work if you could change the midi messages sent by Beatbuddy and/or the messages that control the Timeline looper, but I’m not aware of a way to change either one.

That makes sense. Thanks. I will try to use the footswitch to move the banks more easily at least until I get a Strymon multiswitch…

I use a Nektar Pacer midi foot controller to control the Timeline and my other midi-compatible pedals (Strymon Mobius, Boomerang 3, Boss OD-200, Boss VE-500). I designed a complete Strymon Timeline controller for iPad using the Midi Designer Pro app, if you ever want to control Timeline from an iPad and would like to have a copy.

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Thanks. I’ll definitely keep that in mind.