Beatbuddy footswitch

My footswitch only works on the left side . When going through the set up the detection says "No right switch detected.
Can anyone offer some help with this?

are you using a stereo cable?

I found the issue. I loaded new drum sets, and realized I had to add the accent hits.
thanks for your reply.

Just updated firmware to 1.4.1 BeatBuddy foot switch worked normally before but now right foot switch requires double punch to pause or un pause and left foot switch also requires double punch for an accent hit. Checked foot switch function settings and all appear normal. I also switched the functions on the switches and they still require a double step to execute.
Any suggestions?

You need to go into settings in the menu on the beatbuddy itself and change the footswitch type.

Did you run the Footswitch Detector on the BeatBuddy pedal?

footswitch detector was the solution thank you!

Harold Gibson…I have the same problem NO RIGHT SWITCH DETECTED…you solved this by adding accents??? I am a little confused…how did you you solve the RIGHT SWITCH not detected problem…I am at wits end Thanks

I just got done updating the BeatBuddy’s firmware and updating the BB Manager then created a new Song folder and adding one song to it. When I got done I exported it to a spare compatible SD card. After inserting the card it seemed like the BeatBuddy had trouble reading it as the screen was flashing the “headphones volume” screen. So I reinserted the card and it seemed normal 'till I started hitting the accent hit button and the pause button on the BeatBuddy Pedal.

When I hit the accent it took 2 hits to get a response. The pause button did the same thing, 2 button hits for a response. I went into settings and went to the footswitch > Footswitch detector and pressed the corresponding buttons for the test. As persist said doing the FS detector should do the trick for the BB Footswitch.

If the FS Detector doesn’t work the following will:
Stay in the footswitch functions and did the following:
Set 1st footswitch “stopped” for “accent hit”, 1st footswitch “playing” to “accent hit”.
Set 2nd footswitch “stopped” for “song advance” and 2nd footswitch “playing” to “pause/unpause”.

After that the BeatBuddy was working fine again.

Oh yeah, I also had to re “enable” the Main Pedal to “Triple Tap Stop” again 'cause I had that previously set and after the new project export it too was not working.

I’m not sure what happened but everything was working good after the new updates until I created a new project and added one song folder, one song to that folder and exported the new project to the new compatible SD card.

Any input would be helpful and I hope this helps someone with a similar issue.

P.S. Before I created the new project I had saved a copy of the original SD card as a back up. I had thought that maybe the new card was causing the issue but when I exported the new project to the original SD card the same thing happened. That makes me think that the issue is caused by a corruption when the project is exported to the card from the BeatBuddy Manger. I’m not an expert here just a user. I have a lot of experience as a user though, lol. Carry On!

Update: I tried disconnecting the Footswitch before removing the SD card and I still had the same issue. Running the FS detector works to fix it and I still had to re enable the “triple tap stop” for the main pedal since I’m using that.