Beatbuddy footswitches

Can I replace the two latching switches with Momentary Push Button Stomp Foot Pedal Switches? These only have two terminals but the switches on the Beatbuddy footswitches have 6 terminals. I’m sick of hearing the clicks when I am scrolling through songs on my beatbuddy.
Thanks for the advice. I have searched the forum but the database is too big to find an answer a=I a reasonable length of time.

Hi Athol Hockey. Yes, you can replace the switches with momentary on or off switches as the pedal will recognize and configure for either. If you have a choice, I would go with Carling switches as they’re durable. If you need photo of the wiring, open a Conversation with me and I’ll provide. I think there may still be pix or wiring diagram on the forum here and you’re right, it takes a while to find them!

Thanks guys. you have answered my questions.

If anyone is interested, I use the Boss FS-5U Momentary switches and they work just fine and are built like a tank. For the external configuration, I took a Switchcraft Stereo Plug and run two cables into it and used the ring for one side and the tip for the other and then ran the cables out to each one of the switches with Mono Switchcraft plugs on each one. This worked out fine because I already had the switches mounted on my Pedalboard and when I added the BeatBuddy to it, the pedals worked very well and are extremely quiet. If you shop around, you can find them for a reasonable price. I think I paid just $10 for the pair.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.