BeatBuddy for Soul Music and Folk


Sept 24.2014 Received my BeatBuddy yesterday and it’s marvelous. This will go a long way to help me improve my rhythm playing (how could it not?).

Obviously, we’re right at the beginning and I’m hoping that there’ll be at least two more categories - for Soul and for Folk - for the music I mostly write and play is in these categories and the fusion between them. Here’s hoping.

Meanwhile, if anyone has any suggestions within the present range on BeatBuddy, I’ll be glad to hear them.

Anyway, thanks a million guys at BeatBudddy and warmest congratulations on a magnificent achievement.


Just go ahead, experiment, try, learn and adapt! :slight_smile:

BeatBuddy has a ton of excellent beats content! More so, you can try using a different drumset for each of the song (though Latin songs can only be played via its default drumset).

Please update us on what you’ve found out!


Thanks, and I will. For example, I found that Blues 2, is excellent with a lot of soul music, for example, Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together.

Perhaps you’ll consider this for future improvements - most Blues are in 4/4 time, only two of those listed are.

Again, thanks