Beatbuddy goes blank for seconds while advancing thru songs

this happens often. I have all up to date firmware & BB Manager. Any fixes?

Try reformatting your SD card and doing a clean project install from your computer. If your project is only located on your SD card, then save it to the computer first, format the SD card and reinstall the project.

Thanks Rob! I’ll try that!

If you believe your SD card is that bad off, you might be better off replacing it with a new larger capacity and faster card.

A strong caution for Mac users that if you’re going to try this, is to re-format your SD card using MS-DOS 32-bit. YMMV. While you’re at it, you can can individualize the card’s name from NO NAME to something more imaginative.

Hi persist! I’m on a Mac & my card is 32 gb and class 10 but when I went to re-format it I see it is was using ExFat not MS-DOS 32. So you suggest changing it to MS-DOS 32? Also re-formatting is basically just doing an erase in disk utilities correct? There isn’t a second format step right? Do you think that it’s the SD card that causes the blank No SD Card screen to suddenly for a few seconds appears when I am advancing songs with secondary pedal or can it be something else causing that? Thank!!

Hey, Mitch. Sorry for the slight delay in responding. Out running errands before it gets too hot.

I just double-checked the SD card and according to Disk Utility, it reads MS-DOS (FAT32). My experience with reformatting to MS-DOS (FAT32) on a Mac has not been positive and that’s why I said “YMMV.”

Try reformatting and see what happens. If that doesn’t work, please contact me via e-mail or Conversation and I’ll help you get it properly re-imaged.

Okay, Mitch. Just used Disk Utility to re-format my SD card, copied the files back to my card, tested and it worked. I would copy all of the SD card contents to a folder on your desktop as this worked for me.

  • Open Disk Utility
  • Select your SD card (per screen shot)
  • Click on Erase (good time to change your SD card name from NO NAME to a custom name)
  • From the dropdown menu, choose MS-DOS (FAT) (per screen shot)
  • For a 32Gb card, it will take a few minutes
  • Copy files from your desktop back to your card (note: files—not the folder)
  • Eject and test on your pedal
  • If you changed SD card name, you may have to re-sync BBM to the re named card
    Please let me know if this fixes your issue. If this does not fix it and before contacting Support, you may want to try a different or new SD card or reinstall the firmware. BTW, I think new cards come off the shelf formatted as MS-DOS(FAT).