Beatbuddy has acquired a high pitch in the background while playing

BB has a high pitch, like a ringing in your ear, noise in the background while playing. I could attach a quick video, if allowed. It’s only while playing beats, not during idle.
AND it changes with BPM. As a matter of fact, at low bpm it’s more of a “lo fi” hiss, like scratchy dirty signal. But as I turn up the bpm, it becomes a more solid pitch.
I’ve tried everything I could think of:
*Different power sources (including ss pwr supply)
*Different outlets
*All 3 outputs, including only headphones
*Separate cables
*I turned off Everything in my room, except for BB, and plugged in headphones
*I copied files to a brand new sd card
*Unplugged midi, no input
*Finally I tried both low and high volume out.
In all these cases, the pitch persists.
It’s gotta be the files themselves, or the software, right?
Is there anyway to do a full factory reset (not just return to default settings)?
Or what else could I try?

If it were the files, you would also most likely hear it when playing back songs or beats in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)

  1. Download and reinstall the firmware
  2. Reset pedal settings to default
  3. Let us know if this helps, if not, please contact Support,

I had a similar problem with another piece of equipment, and it was a faulty AC/DC adapter. I also had some bad wiring in a room that caused a similar problem to what you are experiencing. If possible, test with a portable 9 V DC power supply to rule out the above.

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Sounds like a classic ground loop between the supply and other gear plugged in.
Try the pedal with headphones only, unplugging everything else connected to the pedal.
Also try another power supply.

Thanks Nigell and Bill,
I had already tried these ideas. I was hopeful that it was simply a power supply, but in the end no matter what I tried, the noise persists. I also tried the recommendation that was marked as a solution, which was not. My next step is to contact support directly.