Beatbuddy / Helix / Quantiloop

Hey everyone hope your all doing well

I was hoping to get some help with an issue im having.

Basically, what I have is a line 6 Helix connected to Quantiloop along with my Beatbuddy. I have placed a video here of the issue to try and explain it a little easier.

240x180 Beatbuddy

But essentially the Beatbuddy seems to fall out of sync or something once you stop the Beatbuddy and try and restart it and add a new loop. Once I reset the Beatbuddy its back to normal again I’m not sure if its something to do with using the pause un-pause footswitch that somehow doesn’t start at the measure or something maybe, I have no idea but why would a reset and then starting the drums using the main pedal make any difference if I’m starting on the first measure, its not like I have an existing loop running in the example video its trying to sync with.

I have tried all kinds of things in Quantiloop it was only when I rebooted the Beatbuddy I finally realised what was going on. If I remove the Beatbuddy from the equation I cant fault Qunatiloop it works every time.

Anway I really appreciate any feedback I can get

Hey we just saw this, customer support will get back to you soon via email!

I have a similar issue using the same setup with minor differences:

Helix LT (3.1)
iPad Pro (2017, 9.7", iOS14.6)
Beat Buddy 3.9.3

In the BB settings I have mute pause enabled.

I use the pause function to to emulate band breaks when playing covers music, often just before the chorus - so there is a bar of rest, and then it all comes back in with a (new) chorus beat.

I use an analogue footswitch with BB to trigger the pause action, and have the Helix sending midi to the BB for Song part A, B and C.
What I’ve noticed however, is that if I unpause using any of the midi triggers from the Helix on beat 4, that becomes the new beat 1 for BB, and I can’t undo it unless I stop the song.

ive made a video to demonstrate.
unpausing via the footswitch doesn’t have this issue, but that means I can’t unpause with a new beat (reliably)