BeatBuddy in studio...

We are currently writing and recording some songs in a band, but we don’t have a drummer so far. Fortunately here comes BB to give a hand!!

This is the first song we recorded using BB. I hope you like it:

And the next one is…

That’s pretty cool. Drums fit the song good. Did you make up your own tracks or are those right off BeatBuddy?

all coming from BeatBuddy, I just selected and reordered.

Nice. Been doing that myself. Be surprised what combinations from different styles you can make work. Just have to have a little patients.

Do you plan on making a music video of you playing this song with the BeatBuddy in it? If you plan on making one, we’d love to share it on our social media channels. :wink:

Incredible song! :slight_smile:

Actually we recorded a videoclip, but we faked the drummer taking some sequences from the net… :smiley:

Anyway… I’m planning to record some stuff myself and BeatBuddy, but not for the Scary Mary project. I’ll drop by when it’s ready.

This brings up an interesting question about IP: Is Goren due royalties for playing the drums on your tracks?


I know what you mean, but Goren didn’t play the actual drums in my tracks, BeatBuddy did it.


Hmm are you going to make another video showing the BeatBuddy being used? Not sure if we’d use a music video which shows actual drums, and at the same time claim that a BeatBuddy is being used. :wink:

You can use the BeatBuddy for any purpose including for profit, royalty-free! :slight_smile:

No. I mean that I will record more videos showing the actual BB, but no Scary Mary songs.

Today I’ve been playing a little bit with BB, nothing serious… just for fun :smiley:

Ok, now… let’s take this seriously - but still having fan!!! :smiley:

Your stuff is REALLY nice! Keep on creating, we love it! :slight_smile:

It’s been a while since our last song recorded using BB, but at last we have a new one. I hope you like it:

Nicely done, Joey—especially the close-captioned lyrics. Thanks for sharing.

sounds great. Which Drum Kit were you using on that last recording?


NICE!!! :slight_smile:

Hello there… We’re back!!!

Our drummer is still Beat Buddy… but we had to give it a bit more of presence on stage :smiley: