BeatBuddy + Infinity Looper + MJS Custom's Two String Pickup + Boss OC3 = Tap Dancing :-)

Hey Y`all!

I filmed my gig on Sunday - sharing! Always thinking / working on how I can make my setup better. I`m loving the full sound of the “Gitbass”. Been super inspiring to re learn how to play to fit the way it works.

Ive got a MC6 and have been using it while rehearsing - and will rip this current board apart and start again with MC6 as a permanent band member. Im really loving being able to increase and decrease tempo of the BB on the fly with the MC6. And being able to trigger samples has been a game changer also. I have “Farm” “Animal” “Train” samples in a kit that i use for a Hillbilly show, and being able to trigger them at will is great! Much lols from the audient!


Very well done.