Beatbuddy internal (foot)switch

Hey, just got my BB today and I already have a question. I’m sorry if this question has already been posted and answered. One thing that bothered me when I tried the BB (no external footswitch connected) is that switching/pressing the pedal results in a pretty loud mechanical click. I wonder if this is normal, or if there might be something wrong with the switch. When I press it by hand I feel I first hear the spring, then I feel some resistance and then the click follows. Kinda like on my old Mesa footswitch, or on a Dunlop Wha.
Since I have no reference as to what is normal, I thought I’d post a question here.

Is the loud mechanical sound you’re talking about happens in the line (that goes through your amp) or it is just the sound coming from the unit?

In the latter case, this is pretty normal as it will be pretty much inaudible when you are playing. Compare it to the mechanical sound of strings when you play an electric guitar (that is especially awkward when your effects change the pitch)!