Beatbuddy is best drum machine for live but

Beatbuddy might be the best drum machine for live but it might be time for this guitar player to get a real drummer and here’s why.
1- I play lead guitar, sing lead on half the songs and also use a looper plus having to control my effects. And I control the BB. To much.
2- Too many hours spent trying to get the Beatbuddy to sound right right for gigs. I’d rather use my time to practice.
3- Singular Sounds not upgrading the BB manager. BIG ONE. I’ve learned all I can or want to about the Beatbuddy manager and i’m tired of trying to get what I want out of it. It’s not up to par by any means with today’s technology.

Besides having an updated BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), what top 3 capabilities would make it easier for you to use the BeatBuddy? I know you use the 'Rang as your looper. Would it be MIDI features or something else?

Being able to punch down on one while still being able to scroll through set list with foot. Two measure count in. Better accent hits like snare and bass drum with cymbals and just plain better endings for songs. The better ending could probably be accomplished with a better BB manager. :wink: I did a gig with it yesterday with a bass player, mandolin, and vocalist and found myself having to tap dance around my pedal board. Not a lot of fun.

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Oh well. Rehearsed with a drummer last night and it didn’t go well. Dam drummers are all to loud. LOL heard from the other members of the band and they want the Beatbuddy back. They say we have a unique sound with it. So, I’m back. Could we please have a new BB manager and how about some new drum kits! Speaking of which is there a way to get the snare of the Standard kit into the standard pro kit?