Beatbuddy is scrolling randomly through folders

My beatbuddy is presenting the following issue: I could be playing or in pause mode when suddenly the size of the font increases, and beatbuddy starts to scroll through different folders randomly, as if I were rotating the tempo knob…it goes up and down in a crazy mode…it’s a total disaster when this happen beacuse if I’m playing and this issue appears, I’m unable to press the pedal, to do a fill per exemple, because it would change to the aleatory song that is in the screen at that very moment. It’s even worse cause sometimes it chooses songs by itself in the middle of the performance…

I already updated the firmware without succes. Could somebody help me?

Not sure we can fix your problem other than to suggest you contact for help.

@persist is probably right, but before you pack up your Beat Buddy, clean the living heck out of it using a residue-free De-Oxit or something similar, Could just be crap in the pot (knob). These do live on the floor under your feet, so they are subject to a lot of crap.

Are the ‘Drum Set’ and ‘Tempo’ knobs erratic/jumpy when turned in that they don’t seem to increment to the next value or they skip values? These two knobs are digital rotary encoders and use contacts (usually gold plated) that increment stepped values digitally. If one or more of these contacts becomes contaminated in some way the encoder may not step correctly and become erratic/jumpy. Usually encoders are sealed pretty well and dust can not get into the contacts, but possibly humidity/moisture in the surrounding air could seep in and tarnish the contacts gold plating and result in a poor contact connection.
You can try Joe’s suggestion of the DeOxit (pull the knobs and try to squirt some where the shaft goes into the threaded piece and hope it seeps in. Let it set a while and then spin the encoders a bunch of times in both directions.). I’ve had a few pieces of gear this has worked for a while, but I did end up eventually replacing the encoders.

If the encoders seem OK when rotated the other possibility could be a cold solder joint which intermittently causes the symptoms you have.

Good luck…

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