BeatBuddy Karaoke: Steely Dan - Reelin in the Years

Drum kit: (pretty large-50megs)

So what we have here is the fully instrumented backing track of Reelin in the Years - Steely Dan.

Since you don’t want to continually loop the 4 minute wav file, the main loops is a single metronome click. Hit a fill to play the whole song, then end when it’s done.

The drum kit is just two instruments: the metronome, and the sample.
The main loop is a midi that triggers one metronome hit, and the fill is a loop that triggers the sample.
Swap out samples, and you can have any song or backing track. If you want the track to loop, of course, put it as the instrument in the main loop

Okay, great, so now we know that works.

I don’t know how to stop it, once the sample starts playing. Using the double-stomp stops the BB song, but not the sample song. Nor does the Stop command from MIDI stop the sample playing.

Any ideas?

I haven’t tried it on the pedal itself, but in the bb manager, a double tap did a nice fadeout for me.

Yes, the double-tap stops the sample in BBManager, but it does not stop the sample on the pedal (though it does put the pedal in Stopped mode, while the sample plays out to its end).

Nice breakthrough …so cool & full of possibilities …good work ! :wink:

Pause/Unpause also doesn’t work for the sample.

yes, pause and unpause stop the midi, but here there is only one midi note… the note that triggers the wav that is the entire song!

What’s the easiest/best way to “switch out the samples” I seem to have difficulty doing this and I’ve tried it several different ways.

just change the wav file in the drumkit… it’s annoying in that selecting the new wav it will play the whole thing

[INDENT]@aashideacon Yes, but even after switching out the wav, it’s still somehow playing the “Reeling in the Years” when I use that song. Maybe I need to create a brand new sng file…[/INDENT]

@aashideacon Oh, and the change to the drumkit disappears when I close and reopen BeatBuddy, even after “saving the project”.