BeatBuddy keeps resetting at random intervals

Hello! I’m new to the forum. I’ve had my BeatBuddy since last November 2014 and been using it on a regular basis, for daily practice and gigging. Played 3 shows with it so far, never had a problem with it. However, in the last few months I’ve noticed a MAJOR BUG. While I’m using it, the BB will suddenly make a high pitched robotic sound, stop the beat, shut down, and reset. If I start playing it after that, everything works fine, until the next time it decides to do this on me… This all happens at random intervals, and doesn’t really matter on which drum kit I’m using. Obviously it’d be a disaster if this were to occur during a gig, and I’ve just about reached my threshold on putting up with this problem.

I’ve seen similar issues (if not the same) pop up in other threads on this forum…

…so my apologies for yet another thread about it. It doesn’t seem like the problem has been resolved… and there’s no way to pin point exactly how this happens, as once again it happens randomly. I checked all the BB’s connectors and nothing is loose, so my guess is that its either an issue with the SD card or the firmware. However my bet is on the latter since I never had this problem before the firmware 1.2.9 update last Dec). But if that is the case, does anyone have any idea when there will be another firmware update?

Firmware matters aside, I was wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this issue and may know what the problem might be (and suggestions on how to fix this). Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

You could try another SD card and copy the files from the SD card backup to it, I doubt very much that it is firmware related. If that does not solve the issue then something maybe wrong with the BeatBuddy and you will need to email

@Psalm40 Thank you. I’ll give that a shot. And report back here if the problem persists, which then I’ll go ahead and email BB support directly. Quick and kinda silly question… In terms of copying the files from the original BB SD Card to the new one, do I pretty much just highlight and select all files and drag them over from the old card to the new card? Or is there some other more complex step that I need to take?

Download the SD card backup and extract all the files to the new SD card - that is it really.

So I bought a new SD card, downloaded the back up files to it as well as firmware 1.2.9, tested it out and all was working well for the past couple days. Until today… As I was playing, it suddenly did the usual spontaneous reset again at random… So I guess at this point I will just have to go ahead and contact

Mine seemed to reset yesterday, not sure why and it is the first time - I suspect it lost power somehow, time will tell.

@Psalm40 Actually one thing that I didn’t take into consideration before, and just occurred to me a few hours ago, is maybe the 9v 500mA center-negative power adapter that came with my BeatBuddy is somehow faulty or defective. Or maybe something must’ve happened to it (the inside wiring perhaps?) in the last few months considering that this spontaneous reset didn’t happen in the first few months of owning the BB…

I have had a similar issue. While gigging, the unit simply stops playing and reboots. I have upgraded to the new firmware. Hopefully that will fix the problem.

i have the same issue. Have you some news for this problem?
What says the support?
(excuse me for my english… i’m french :slight_smile: )

have a nice day!

Did updating the firmware fix the problem for you? Because it didn’t for me… though fortunately I’ve had the problem solved, but it wasn’t easy… (see my response to Sharps below).

Hi Sharps! Your English is fine, no problem :slight_smile: And my bad but I’ve actually had this problem solved back in May, all thanks to the help and saving grace of Jay over at BeatBuddy Support.

At first I thought it was a defective SD card issue, but after purchasing a brand new SD card, modifying and reprogramming beats to it with the Manager software, and loading that into the BB unit, the problem was still there. I wasn’t sure if it was a power supply issue or a firmware issue, or if it was just a defective BB unit, so I contacted Support (email address: and Jay assured me it wasn’t a firmware issue. He then asked me to a try different power supply (as opposed to the stock one that came shipped with the BB) and plugging that into different outlets/power strips. After hours upon hours of trial error… no such luck. All ended with spontaneous resets. So it was at that point that Jay had me ship out my defective unit back, and he mailed me a replacement unit. Since receiving the replacement, I haven’t experienced anymore spontaneous resets. So in that scenario, problem solved!

Therefore, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend contacting BeatBuddy support in regards to the problem you’re experiencing. The thing is, it may or may not be a defective unit. It’s hard to say, as I believe everyone who’s been experiencing these spontaneous resets may be happening for different reasons. I recommend trying different power supplies though (just make sure they’re 9V at 300mA or more). Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but let me know what happens. Good luck!