Beatbuddy Levels

Important point about the BB I don’t hear people talk about much. I have 4 possibly 5 gigs coming up in the next 5 weeks and maybe more. Lineup is guitar, bass, mandolin (who also plays harmonica) and vocalist. And of course the BB. My point is that a lot or these gigs are different and require different volumes. One is outside at a bar restaurant and we have to cover a rather large deck and bar during a Sunday afternoon. Need to be loud for that one. Two others are inside a restaurant and we need to keep levels down as they want us to play during dinner hour. Another is in a bar etc. you get the picture. With the Beatbuddy we can play at basically any level we want. With a real drummer the dinner hour gig would be impossible. I set the level of the Beatbuddy and everyone has to adjust to it as nothing is mic’ed up except the vocals. Also when rehearsing we can play at levels that don’t kill our ears. That’s the levels we will probably use inside the restaurant. I find this to be a big factor and one of the reasons I use the Beatbuddy. We can handle small gigs without being told we are too loud. And if we are told it’s easy to turn down.

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Exactly! We do everything from acoustic-ish covers to the full-on sweaty power trio rock band stuff – at whatever volume is appropriate to the gig. The other consideration is that, because we have complete control over stage volume, I no longer need to use in-ears – which are a giant PITA when you’re doing sound from the stage.

Not to mention the stage real estate.

Yes! Great point Ricglass.