BeatBuddy Library info?

Are you able to provide some info about the BeatBuddy Library. What kind of assets will it have (midi songs, drum kits, etc?) and when will it be available for use? I dig the BeatBuddy and want to know how we can expand functions with the Library.

No idea, I would love to hear from Goran myself about that!
Having more options is always cool! :slight_smile:

so you cant actually make your own beats you can just change the beats that are already loaded onto it?

Why? No, totally not!

Currently, BeatBuddy allows you the following customization (via BBManager) :

  • you can change the shipped beats
  • you can create new songs based on a different mix of shipped MIDI files
  • you can create new songs based on your own MIDI files (but you should keep in mind the used MIDI notes should be supported by target drumset)
  • you can export your songs and share them with other users here on the forum
  • you can download and import songs other users have shared
  • you can perform all above actions with drumset (using WAV files) - edit shipped beats, add new ones, share and download shared ones!

Note the list is not in any way inclusive!
What is being discussed is an extra ability to have even more extra content in the store.