BeatBuddy Manager app keeps closing when I edit patterns

Lately, often when I try to edit a pattern I am writing the entire BeatBuddy app closes and I have to restart it. It has happened as many as twenty times during a programming session. Very frustrating and unacceptable. Each time I hit the Report to Apple button but I might as well write in on a piece of paper and throw it out the window. What’s going on, how do I fix it?

Which versions of the Mac OS & BBM are you using?

You can try deleting & reinstalling the BBM. Search for my post on General Disaster Recovery to see if that helps.

I am up to date with both IOS and BBM, that is unless you have updated without emailing me.

If I reinstall BBM will I have any problems retrieving my library of songs?

I have just checked which is the latest BBM update version and see it is 3.2.0
I update some time ago when it was first released.
Strangely when I look at the BBM on my Mac it tells me when I hit “About BBM” that it is version 1.6.4
How could the version in the Mac be different from the version in the BeatBuddy which was updated from the Mac?

The firmware and BBM app are apples and oranges. The firmware controls the pedal and the BBM is a computer app that manages BB songs, drum sets, folders and projects; it’s needed to get your project on to the SD card and keep it harmonized between the pedal and the BBM.

You know, I had that thought after posting my enquiry and it pains me to be as poorly IT literate as I am, and I thank you for your kind explanation. I firmly believe if all BeatBuddy users had an opportunity to experience just how clunky and archaic the BBM is for those who wish to create their own patterns sales would be adversely effected. Getting a good result using BBM for writing patterns is like reaching a beautiful vista after a long walk through a briar patch. Such a shame. Battling on…

That was happening on my windows laptop. The next day it was fine. “Very frustrating” indeed.

Yes, frustrating to say the least. Over a three week period it happened on three different days on my MacBook. On one day it happened probably twenty times. I can’t wait for SS to replace BBM with something that doesn’t feel like its from the 1980’s. Cheers

Although I experience the same issues with clunky performance when trying to perform any functions in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) e.g., changing drum sets (especially those with bass and other instruments) for n a song, opening the MIDI Editor, etc, I have found a work flow that helps me reduce the frequent freezes and crashes.

When I’m working on a song and from what I have observed, the BBM seems to be processing any changes I made while at the same time I’m trying to perform the next step in my workflow. I noticed that whenever I was trying to work quickly in the BBM or MIDI Editor, that this was when the freezing and crashing problems happened most often.

I slowed my work pace down so that it was much more deliberate and I saved often during my work. What I try to do now is take a much more measured approach in my workflow. By this, I mean that I perform a function or sub-task, save the project and then slowly count to 4 before trying to perform the next function or sub-task. Although it doesn’t always get rid of the slow performance, it’s greatly reduced the frequency of the crashes.

I’m a Mac user and have reported this to Singular Sound (as I’m sure the many Windows and Mac users have also done) so they (SS) are aware of the performance issue and are working on solutions for both Mac and Windows users. I certainly agree that the BBM needs to be updated to meet 21st century user expectations! :thinking:

ADDED THOUGHTS: about the only thing I use the BBM MIDI Editor for is either troubleshooting a song or making sure that there are no unsupported notes. In my opinion, the original intent behind the MIDI Editor was probably for very light editing of beats. The expectations of users has evolved with the introduction (by users—not Singular Sound) of one-press bass songs. This has left the MIDI Editor ill-suited to the task and is better left to digital audio workstations (DAWs). If you’re going to be creating beats and songs for the BBM, it would pay off in the long run to acquire a DAW like Reaper (versions available for PC and Mac) and learn how to use it.

Any update on this? I started experiencing my BBM kept on crashing few days ago and it is very frustrating. Please help fix this…

I have heard nothing since the reply from “persist” three years ago. Singular Sound must be desperately sick of hearing complaints about the BBM. It is obvious to me that they needed some programming platform to release with the BeatBuddy and went with the useless BBM as it stands. So many times they claimed they were going to update or replace the BBM over the years but it’s all lip service. They couldn’t care less I imagine hoping you will get sick of the hassle of the BBM and start using another platform and leave SS alone. They have plenty of time and IT for their later products but the one which made their name and it’s users are now in the past. How very Apple.Thats what I think.