BeatBuddy Manager assistance required

I’m new to BeatBuddy and BB Manager. Just learned how to create and save new songs - saved some song tests to a new SD Card, put into BB to try it out and it did not work. Display read: no genre and the time sig was empty. It could not find the new folder I had created, nor could I navigate to the default folders that are also on the SD card. Do I need to put the new folder I created down on the list or the songs I created under a default folder so it can be found? Puzzled… Appreciated any advice. Thanks.

It sounds like you are using the OS file manager to make folders and move files around. That won’t work because the BB has its own file system. To work correctly, you must use the BBM to manipulate files and folders.

You’re right, that’s exactly what I did - I copied the folder from my computer onto an SD Card. So I should have opened the project from the computer then exported it to the SD Card. Makes perfect sense. Thank you, Rob, you’re the man!

It works great now, thanks again.