Beatbuddy Manager drum kit editing questions

I’m afraid I’m a bit confused about the general process of drumset editing.

  1. Suppose I’ve opened a drumset from a file using the Open Drumset option. If I make changes to this opened drumset and choose Save Drumset, will the changes be saved to the drumset file on the disk?

  2. Is Save Drumset As the same as Save Drumset if I choose the same file in the saving window?

  3. How is Import Drumset different from Open Drumset? Why is there no Export Drumset?

  1. Yes.
  2. Think of Save Drumset As as allowing you to export your drum set as a BeatBuddy (BB) recognizable file with a different file name to some location outside the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).
  3. Open Drumset is for opening a drum set for editing (or inspection) that you’ve already imported. Import Drumset assumes that you have not previously imported (or activated) a drum set.
  1. What does it mean to “activate” a drumset?
  2. What happens if I choose Open Drumset for a drumset I’ve NOT imported/activated before?
  1. I’m not sure. I think Save Drumset saves the drumset as edited to the location on the HD where BB storing the drumset. This should be in the BB Workspace, but you know, we have the embedded files issues. Until the project is synced, the change to the Drumset is not made on the card.

  2. Save As can be done with the same or a different file name, and it will save to a location on your Hardrive where you archive drumkits. But if you save it with a different name, it will still import with the original name on BB unless you changed the kit’s name on the Drumset maker window.

  3. Agreed,

  4. Activate means after you import a drumset, you checked the box in front of the kits’ name in the drumset list in BB Manager. This makes the kit Active in the current project.

  5. If you have not imported the drumset, you would not see its name to open it. If it is imported but not active, you should still be able to open the drumset.