BeatBuddy Manager - Editor Question

Hi All,

I like to edit some of the Beats that I found here in the Ressources a bit, but I dont find a description of the functions of the BBManager Editor, so I am not able to remove someting in the Beat.

The most important question is: How can I remove beats (Takte) that I want to get rid of?
Can someone please give me a little advice about the editor functions.


I recently started to watch You Tube videos and recommended searching for ‘beatbuddy drummer editor’ - the videos and the answers are all on this forum but it was easier (for me) to use You Tube. They are all very good but the one by Beatbuddy Worship I found ideal.

Basically when you edit the beats you are able to set the relative level from 127 (Loud) to Zero (no sound).
It was easy enough but took a little learning from the videos.

Hope that helps.

Have you explored all of the PDF documentation available on the SS website?