BeatBuddy Manager Footswitch operation?

How can I configure the external footswitch functions in BeatBuddy Manager so that they match what I have programed in the BeatBuddy? Currently the BBM footswitch operation matches the factory default (left is accent, right does nothing) I have the right switch on my BB Footswitch programed to “pause” and I want this to be the same in the BBM. When I am working with the BBM, I am working off the SD card inserted in a compter slot. I do not have the BB connected to the computer. I have a windows machine if that makes a difference. Thanks

you can not
The footswitch on the BBm is the standard feature

Ok…thank you. It is much better than having nothing, but there are limitations that I am confident you are aware of. My suggestion for improvement is as follows:

A big improvement for this feature would be for the BBM to be able to simulate all 3 custom programed switches on the BB and footswitch. This would enable us to sound check all of the song file parts and how they interact with our custom BB pedal functions simultaneously while editing the song file. The way that it works now is ok, but it does not allow us to thoroughly test the file before downloading it to the sd card.

I am not sure if your software design will allow this, but if the BBM can be made to query the BB for its custom footswitch setting via usb, then the BBM could possibly make the custom setting available via the BB graphic. Thank you.

Maybe for the next version of BB manager coming soon
They work on a new version