BeatBuddy manager is NOW accessible to blind users!

Hello folks,

though this may not mean much to most Beatbudy users, it will mean a bunch to a few of us.

I discovered today that the latest version of the BB manager seems to be accessible to blind people using the NVDA screen reader. I specify NVDA because this is the only screen reader I use.

By way of comparison, when I first installed the BBM, I think it was version 1.32, the screen reader was silent.
To navigate the screen, a blind user uses the tab and shift-tab keys and other navigation keys such as arrows page up and down to navigate from control to control, buttons list boxes ETC. But, when I pressed these keys, nothing was spoken, and BBM crashed when I pressed arrow keys with no content in BBM. the fact that the BBM was not accessible with my screen reader also caused some disharmony with my secondary screen reader, also known as my wife.

Today I installed BBM 1.5 and things are different!
After importing my BeatBuddy content, I am able to use the keyboard to navigate the screen, select folders, songs, drumsets, and play the beats.

I have not yet tried manipulating BB content with the BBM and my screen reader.

I have noticed two issues.
First of all, I managed to crash BBM 1.5 when I tried to navigate around the screen before I imported content.

Also, the navigation keys seem to react slowly when in BBM.

but, with a little patience, I believe the BBM is now usable by blind folks. So, go out and tell 'em!

Thanks to the devs for all of your work, and for whatever it is you did, even unknowingly.


Welcome back Rusty :slight_smile:

Well, that’s cool! :slight_smile:
Crash was not as cool, though. And I’ll continue monitoring the situation with BBManager and accessibility features.

I’m another blind beatbuddy user, and it’s definitely encouraging to see that accessibility matters to the developers! I’m looking forward to more accessibility improvements, as the manager while usable still reads and navigates not quite so well, but it’s usable and right now that’ll do! It would be nice to see any form of accessibility on the peddle itself as well! Thank you guys for all the hard work and for an amazing tool! This peddle is a blind guitarist’s dream come true, not having to go through dozens of screens and menus to program things in before a gig. Will be writing my own review soon! Thank you again!

P.S.: Sorry I know I’m bringing this topic back from the grave… lol