BeatBuddy Manager - New User - Merging Projects

My Goal: I want 1 project that contains the default content and the content (songs/folders) that I already orgranized…without having to reimport all of the user songs a second time (which is basically starting over.

Hello! I just acquired my BB and, in my excitement, and haste I created a bit of a puzzle I’m hoping to overcome. The steps to how I createed this problem follow:

Day 1

  1. Ordered my BB and started the near intolerable wait of 4 days before it would arrive.
  2. Downloaded the BB Manager and installed it on Win 10, Launched it and took a quick peek at the menu options
  3. Began exploring user created content here in the Forum and downloaded quite a few in Zip format
  4. Extracted all the zips into a a sub folder I threw under S:\Beatbuddy\Downloads (The S drive is where I installed the BB Manager).
  5. In BB Manager, tediously imported each of the new songs, drm files and at least sizeable 2 pbm files.
  6. Killed too too much time in BB Manager creating folders for the artist names that I had downloaded and installed files…AND for the artists that are on my personal setlist that I will want to populate with BB content.

Day 4
7. Received my BB in the mail
8. Played around with its default content for a short time and then decided I needed to add all the new content I organized.
9. Conected BB to Windows, BB Manager asked something about linking projects so I chose to create a NEW project in BB Manager located on the local drive. I did this because I didn’t want to risk it TO overwrite the project I had been curating up in step #6.
10. Soon discovered that I underestimated the ease of merging these 2 project files.
11. Downloaded the default BB content from the site in case I negatively impacted the content that came on the SD card
12. ATTEMPTED to COPY the song files from one project to the other PLUS modifying the config file in the destination directory which lists the song folder name and unique key value for each song…and appended it to the config file in the destination project but also incrementing the numerical values for each song which I presume is used for sorting purposes
13. Restarted BB Manager and loaded the destination project…the newly added songs DID NOT SHOW.
14. I presume at this point the issue is related to how the BB Manager creates a HASH.BCF file.

Any help appreciated

Success! Extra coffee and some minor tweaks and all is merged.

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