BeatBuddy Manager Project Question

I have enjoyed my initial foray into the BeatBuddy sound and functionality, Now I want to incorporate my new Boss RC500 looper into the equation. Having intros to the BB songs doesn’t work well with the looper so I went into BB manager and deleted the intros on sone of the songs on the SD card that shipped with the unit. Since my BB Manager outputs to the project file on my Mac, I need to write the new project to the SD card. It’s probably a “save as”, but not totally sure. Any help on the procedure greatly appreciated!
Steve? Santa Cruz, CA

Export>Project to SD card. Then, go chill out for a few minutes. It will take a bit of time.

Phil, thanks very much’

FYI - Save As would be used to create a new name for the Project in your BB Workspace on the Mac. You might want to do that, if you want to keep a copy of the original project.

You can also turn off intros globally in the BB settings.

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Yep, you can easily just turn off the intro and the settings! Go to Main Pedal > Intro to choose the desired behavior.

Thanks very much for pointing out the intro suppression global settings. Found the settings and successfully turned off the intro and the BB works as expected having the BB slaved to my loop station!’

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