BeatBuddy Manager request

Please, please, please update the Manager software so that you can move more than one song at a time from folder to folder. Sheeeeesh!!

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Thank you for your feedback, we are working on a BBM 2.0.0, so improvements will not be added until that version is out, we will likely allow actions like the one you are describing to be smoother.

Stay tuned!


A copy and paste function for songs would also be good.
Then I can put copies from the folders into an ‘active set list’ folder without having to re-import them

We are currently working on a playlist feature for the BB to accomplish something similar to that!


And please. Pretty please. In Edit mode, put the most commonly used drums (kick, snare, high hat) somewhere OTHER than the bottom of the screen so that I don’t have to constantly scroll down to them to make adjustments to them. That is just drivin’ me bananas.

Every topic is dedicated to one request, if you’d like to track your request, please make a new issue.

BBM 2.0.0 will be different however, so maybe better to wait for the design announcement for more requests because we are no longer updating the current BBM(1.x.x).

Thanks for your request!

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Any guestimate on the expected/hoped for release of BBM 2.0?

Not currently, but the designing process has begun

We hope to have more information available soon!

Stay tuned