BeatBuddy Manager software has stopped working (Windows)

I’ve had my BeatBuddy since the original Indiegogo campaign and hadn’t updated the manager software on my Windows desktop in some time. After removing the previous version and installing the latest (1.64) it will no longer launch. I see the greyed out application window in the background behind an error dialog “BeatBuddy Manager software has stopped working.” The only option is to close the application.

I have tried removing the application through control panel and reinstalling with the same results.

The system is running Windows 7 (I know it’s old-- I’ll update it when I get a new PC, which will be after the chip shortage abates and prices come down.)

Is this version of the manager compatible with Windows 7?
If not, can older versions be downloaded somewhere?
Are there other troubleshooting steps?

I think 1.65 is the latest version for Windows. Software Download | Premium Library for BeatBuddy

You may want to contact for help with your issue. If you opt to use an older version (, be sure to ask for a firmware version that will best work with the BBM.

While you wait for their reply, try to run the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) as admin.

My original post was incorrect. I did install version 1.6.5. (I downloaded it from a thread here with 1.64 in the title, but the install .exe filename says 1.6.5.)

Running as administrator gives the same result. I will contact support.

I do seem to recall a Windows 7 user that was having similar issues but I can’t find the post. After installing the BBM, it would not open however, after restarting their computer, they were able to get the BBM up and running.

Anyway, please let us know what it took to get it working for you.

Don’t be surprised if Support tells you that the BBM requires a newer version of Windows.