BeatBuddy Manager upgrade

Please update the BeatBuddy manager.
It’s so unintuitive and old hat.
Like, import and export should be reserved for specific external operations.
Use ‘Save as’ and ‘Open’ for songs.
Editing shouldn’t overwrite a song part because you lose the original. Make it save a new one…
Editing a song part is such a pain.
It should be just like a spreadsheet. When you click in a cell just type a number. That little pop-up and hold mouse down is a awful way of editing. Let us swipe a range and copy and paste it… Even just copy and paste ‘bars’ would be helpful. Delete a bar, add a bar and duplicate a bar would also… Use the arrow keys to navigate too… Use the ‘delete’ key (why would you ever want to enter a zero?). Indicate which bar you’re in when you’re in the middle of a load of bars.
Drag and drop loops and fills (with ‘ctrl’ key) as well as copy and paste. How about a side pane that shows a categorised library of all the loops and fills so you can double click to listen then drag and drop it if you like it.
I feel these would be great improvements to a brilliant device. Thanks.


Good points. Just so you know, the topic of how outdated and inefficient BB Manager is has been and is currently being heavily discussed on the forums.

But is it being addressed?

According to what Singular Sound has previously stated, I don’t think the bugs and improvements will be fielded until work on the AEROS and Maestro has been completed. As to when that might be, hard to say. Software development and refinement is notoriously slow.