Beatbuddy manager

hola. no puedo instalar el beatbuddy manager. tengo windows 7 ultimate e inicie sesion como administrador y nada. no funciona. ayudaaaaaa

Please allow us to better help you by posting in English. You can us Google Translate.

Hi. I have windows 7 ultimate. and I try to install beatbuddy manager and it does not install. the installation is cut with a window that says that I must initiate session as administrator, already try, giving all the permissions and nothing. Did someone happen to him? I need help!!

Thank you for translating your original post to English.

You can try to install the BeatBuddy Manager using the Windows 7 CMD prompt. Here’s a link to a “how to” demo

If you are still having problems, please contact for help. Maybe you can schedule an online session.

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thank you. I was able to perfectly solve my problem. I greet you from Argentina my friend!