Beatbuddy Midi breakout cable + midi cable too long for pedalboard


I have the Aeros slave to the Beatbuddy on my pedalboard with the bb midi sync cable and a 30cm male to male midi cable - which makes the whole thing about 50cm long. It only needs to. be 10-15 cm though and is a pain in the arse to keep tidy on the pedalboard. Also the mid-in socket on the breakout cable is unnecessary for me and just gets in the way

Has someone made a shorter cable thats just a right angled male ps/2 to 5pin midi male?

Cant find anything like this anywhere. Only solution I can think of is use one of these -

straight on the end of the breakout cable which would shorten the whole thing by 30cm. Can only find these male-male ones in the US though, none in UK

Would it actually just be easier to get a local company to make up a cable like I’ve specified above

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Sweetwater has 10cm male to male right angle cables somewhere in the range of $7-$14. Cant remember how much it was…

Yeah just had a look. Cant find one shorter than 30cm which I already have. Need ps2 to midi too not midi to midi but I dont think they make them anywhere


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@BrennanSingularSound You have any ideas about a shorter cable? 50cm is way too long for a pedalboard. Just need a short patch cable. Thanks. M

Sorry, none I can think of, perhaps a good google search for female to male converters?

Nope goggle won’t help here, I already tried that. But I have an adress to a supplier in the US who supply male to male 5 pin midi converters, but they don’t sell small quantities. Only in the thousands.

However, the cable supplied from Singular sound, is to my experience, of poor quality and didn’t make it to more than 3 months here, with very little, and very gentle use, so I wonder if it is any use to get a converter, since the cable itself doesn’t seem to be able to withstand a journey on the road, especially within a pedalboard.

Igot hold of 30cm or 1 inch male to male midi cables, but that still leaves about 40 cm of thick cable around.

The best thing to do for a pro, would probably be to make a high quality solderd cable with the correct connectors. A high quality connector to the pedal, and then two male midi connectors, since every other pedal, also has female midi connectors.

Can singular sound please provide schematics for soldering a cable like this?

Midi cables are standardized.