BeatBuddy: MIDI Clock always on?

I would like to use a BeatBuddy to sync 3 other pedals on my board (an Infinity Looper, Eventide H9, and a Moog MuRF).

Can somebody please tell me if the BeatBuddy always sends MIDI Clock out, even when not playing?

If so, then it’s a little bit of a bummer, as the MuRF doesn’t seem to work properly when this is the case. Also, what if I want my stuff to be unsync’d? Is there a way to make that happen without physically unplugging the MIDI cable?

Thanks for any information!


Yes, it’s always sending when MIDI out is enabled. The only way to get it to stop is to turn off the MIDI out, or unplug the cable. A couple people on here built a stompbox with a switch that breaks the MIDI connection so as to make plugging and unplugging the cable unnecessary.

@Andrew M. Lee Set the BeatBuddy’s midi settings to ‘THRU’ by going into the settings menu (press both the ‘tempo’ and the ‘drum set’ knobs down at the same time), then Main Pedal > MIDI Messages > MIDI OUT > MIDI-THRU