Beatbuddy (midi compatibility suggestion)

An issue I’m having is when my looper is the master, if I pause the song on my looper, the Beatbuddy rather than also pausing will receive the stop cc message and go back to the first drum pattern of the song.

And because the cc message for pause and unpause is cc111, most loopers can’t use that because they only send cc messages between 1-99. A load of the important cc messages are cc100+, I think it’d be great if some of those messages were changed and put between cc1-99 to make it accessible with more pedals.

I vote against this suggestion :no_mouth: I mean I don’t want to change all my systems that use that one midi message (let alone all the other) :grimacing:

Better would be to request from the looper manufacturer to enable more midi messages :relieved: 1-99 sounds like there is a two digit display, which is in my opinion an excuse to not allow all of the midi commands :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You can blink between say “_1” and “11” to have 111 :wink:

If Singular Sound would change midi commands once, what would stop them doing it again and again? It’s much better to freeze the midi commands as much as possible :yum:

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I guess the better option would be the beat buddy to allow the user to configure which cc is issued for which action. Then anyone can change it to match their recieving device.

Otherwise you could put a translating device or software in between the beat buddy and the looper that converts 111 to 87 or whatever.

I use a Blokas midi hub for this purpose

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This sure would be technically possible, but to me it sounds like a big and expensive feature, which would take long time to fix all the bugs it creates :sweat_smile:

And since we have this workaround I don’t see any benefit of changing BB :thinking: But one could arrange a poll to see if others agree with me or not :sweat_smile:

Seems like a nice tool :yum:

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Thank you guys for the comments, defiently going to try out the blokas midi hub

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