BeatBuddy Midi Control using OpenSong

I am using the Midi feature in OpenSong to set the Song Loop and Tempo to my BeatBuddy using a Yamaha MD-BT01 Bluetooth Midi device to connect to my Tablet. I also use the Midi Maestro for more control and switching parts.

I have three sets of commands in this order.

  • Folder
  • Song Number
  • Tempo (this is actually two commands MSB and LSB)

You add these for each these by going to Settings | Midi | Edit Song Commands and entering in the commands. Full instructions are on the OpenSong User Guide on Midi Connections.

I have created an Excel Sheet that may help some of you with what you need to input into the OpenSong fields. Just remember to click Add Command after you have done so. The sheet gives you the commands in the appropriate order as well.
OpenSong BeatBuddy (118.1 KB)


I can confirm 100% and without hesitation that Aliby is THE MAN!

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Do you need to set the tempo each time? Is that only if you are using OnSong to control the tempo?

I have been looking at OnSong as a way to replace SongSheet. If I am just using it as a way to select the song on the BB automatically when I load the song in OnSong, would I just omit the tempo command and it would use the setting for the song?

@josborn777 , Onsong works very similar to OpenSong.
If the tempo of the beat (Song) as saved on the Beatbuddy is what you want, then there is no needed to change it. If you want to use a different tempo, or you use the same beat for different songs you play, then sending the code will get to to the adjusted tempo quicker.
I “send” the tempo anytime so that it I ever change the default tempo of the beat, the Song on OpenSong will remind the Beatbuddy what tempo I want.