Beatbuddy + midi-file-player iPad – It works!

I have a new toy, yeah! Some days ago I asked about it, meanwhile I found it. I bought the Sweet Midi Player (SMP)-App. The beatbuddy will send Start / Stop via (bluetooth)Midi-Command. So I have more Instruments in background and can use my own BB-Drums / Fills (don’t forget to mute / lower Drum-ch 10 in SMP). Transposing is very simple to do in SMP. Mixing, muting, changing instruments is very easy, too. When using “KAR”-files, you ll get a text-screen.
I did not have much time to test it, here are some things I found.

  1. There is no midi-clock, so you have to set the same BPM to both (BB and SMP) manually. Once they started, they stay parallel. This has to be done once and will be stored, like all other adjustments.
  2. Search for a good “.SF2” file (for the sounds, like the "DRM"Files for the BB. The SMP-Manual has some download links.)
  3. I set my BB to send midi-start-command after the BB-Intro. Sadly a lot midi files have 1 or 2 bars silence at the beginning. This causes solo-BB-Drums at the beginning (see video). You can delete these empty bars in “Aria Maestrosa” easily.

A first impression with internet-midis (Night Fever + Another one bites the Dust).