Beatbuddy Midi / Onsong / Voicelive / HD500x

So I just purchased a BB after seeing the vids (including, and espectially the one on Onsong setup and control of BB patches on a per song basis - big thanks to whoever did that). Im still waiting on BB to arrive, however I need to know what additional equipment to get for the wireless midi control.

Ive seen mention of the puc+ here (powered by internal batteries), but Ive also seen mention of the Mi.1, which is powered from the midi ports themselves. My intention is to have wireless midi connected to my BB, Voicelive, and HD500x so that when I select a song in Onsong it will set all 3 devices to the correct patch required (each device will be on its own midi channel).

Now to my question; how do I work out which wireless midi device will work best with BB? Is it safe to assume that because it is a powered device that it will be able to power the Mi.1? Given the puc+ is double the price of the Mi.1, I dont really want to be buying 3 of them just for the sake of it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I bought a Yamaha mdi wireless and it works great. I am also using an irig blue board and have set up the different drum sets so I can change on the fly. Go to Amazon and type wireless midi. The Yamaha will probably come up first.

yeah, I’ve since purchased 2 of the yamaha MD-BT01 devices. they work well and are self powered from the midi ports on both my hd500x and my beatbuddy. my voicelive on the other hand only has a single midi in port, and the BT01 takes its power from midi out port, so i’ll have to order something powered to work with that one. gotta say though, being able to send patch and program changes to all my devices just by changing songs in onsong with no wires anywhere near me, is very very freakin cool


Wylie, have you had any issues programming Onsong with tempos? I have about 90% that work great but the rest I have to tap on the title to make the tempo change.

Not so far, but I’m not using any of the BB default beats/songs, or where I am, I copy them and adjust the tempo and parts etc in the editor and save to my setlists. Im not using MIDI to trigger tempo change, just to select the pre-defined patch/song/preset (whatever you want to call it) on the BB. Havent seen it get the wrong tempo yet, but theres always a first time I guess (and will most likely be “fun” if it happens, as I’m really getting used to not having to pay attention to my pedals so much :slight_smile: ).

Oh, and the reason Im not using onsong to select a default BB song and adjust tempo etc, is mainly because Ive been caught out in the past where I will make changes to defaults in devices, and then a firmware update or something reverts it all back to factory defaults. I figure this way if BB is updated and anything in the defaults changes, it wont affect any definitions for my live stuff. Im pretty lazy, but I do believe in only doing someone once and not having to re-visit it every time theres a new update for a product.

That would work to. I might have to sit down and set that up. It’s been easier to just program Onsong. Might be my winter project. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi @jjs
I have spent the last few days with the same issue of inconsistent tempo changes - cursing the BB/VL3X/OnSong/dog and everyone who came close… Last night figured out the solution… I discovered that the BB tempo changes that I had programmed into the OnSong song would only work when they matched the BBM-set default tempo; when I changed the coding for a new tempo the song would play at BBM default tempo unless I tapped the song title (which presumably sends a dynamic midi message). On further examination I found that the BB setting for “Default tempo” was set to ON. When I set it to OFF all was fixed and it now works fine on every song… Yay to persistence and strong drink…

FYI the midi line I use in OnSong to send beat selection, tempo looks like this…

Title: Hallelujah
Artist: Leonard Cohen
Key: G
Duration: 04:20
MIDI: 0.0:0@9, CC106:0@9, CC107:64@9, 0.3:105@0

I have BB on midi channel 10 (9 in a zero based system) and VL3X is midi channel 1 (value 0)

MIDI: 0.0:0@9 sets BB track to folder 1 track 1
CC106:0@9 sets tempo to first multiplier (i.e. Less than 127)
CC107:64@9 sets actual tempo
0.3:105@0 sets VL3X to preset (I think it’s 490 which should be 3 x 128 + 106)
Maths may be a bit out but hope you get the idea…


I think you are right on this. I will make the change tonight and see if it works. That is awesome and I appreciate the info. That’s exactly how I have mine set up too. I didn’t think about the default beat. I need to drink more. . . . Thanks for the help.

You were right, I made the change and it worked perfect. Thanks.

I just read your post and I wonder how you physically communicate from Onsong to BB and voicelive 3 at the same time, meaning how are they physically connected to each other? For exemple: Onsong iPad) and bluetooth with BeatBuddy and Onsong(iPad) and camera kit to Voicelive 3? any other ways?

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Commenting here so maybe I can find this when I’m actually programming. I may have questions later, but Thank you for this information!!

There is a bookmark feature, if that helps - expand the … to show the bookmark button

Then you can access them from your menu on the top right


Hello, is there a correct way of input to BeatBuddy from OnSong to group the send commands?

Would it be ?
{Midi: 0.0:10}

As an example, or should duration come first?
Or tempo?
Does it matter?

Don’t think it matters, I have put them in different order using OnSong format but it looks like you are using Chordpro format so not sure about that. Having said that I can’t see that Chordpro would be any different.

I have discovered in my case it DOES matter as to sequence of input.
There MUST be a blank line after {Midi: x.x:09} so in the sequence above, the midi one should be last

Oh, and the last number on the command (09 above) should have a zero first if it’s a single digit, I.e not 9, but 09