Beatbuddy MIDI-OUT>Sync>Always On: Has this ever worked?

I have tried to use the BB MIDI-OUT “Always On” Sync option to no avail. The blinking incoming Clock signal on my Voicelive 3 and now on my Boss RC-600 looper are both out of sync with the BB Clock scrolling bar. However, they do get in sync after I press-start the Beatbuddy, just like with the “While playing” option.

Has anybody found this also to be the case?

Thanks in advance.

This is because the realtime Start command is needed to get sync between several devices, if you do not send a start command the devices will all be counting from a different arbitrary start point likely depending on when they receive and decipher the first pulse

@BrennanSingularSound Thank you, Brennan, for your prompt response. That makes sense.

I was thinking that since the BB keeps track of its Tempo and of the first note in a measure even before starting to play, as reflected on the screen by the scrolling tempo bar, this information could be sent a priori to its slave devices, in order to, say, record a loop in sync. But I now see how this would imply that one would have to start/press the BB in sync with the first note on the previously recorded loop -or queue the start by pressing the pedal before said first note.

Anyway, quick related question: don’t the MIDI Maestro and/or the Aeros Looper have this capability?

Thanks again :pray:

On second thought, @BrennanSingularSound, the Beatbuddy manual seems to indicate that no Start command is really necessary to send the MIDI Tempo Clock for the “Always On” Sync option:

“ Sync
o Always On*:​ BeatBuddy always sends out the MIDI tempo clock even when it is not playing. This is useful for when you want your MIDI tempo based devices such as loopers or delay, to play to a certain tempo but you don’t want to have drums playing while you do it.

o While Playing: ​BeatBuddy only sends out MIDI tempo clock while it is playing drums. This is good for when you want your other devices to only follow the BeatBuddy’s tempo while the drums are playing.

o Disable:​ BeatBuddy does not send out MIDI tempo clock.”

So, I am still confused.
Thank you in advance for any further clarification.


You don’t need a start from the BeatBuddy to sync the tempo clock. Always on will send the tempo at all times which other devices should pick up. I use that to have Loopy Pro looper app keep its BPM in sync with the BeatBuddy. The BBFF App also tracks the MIDI clock to show changes in tempo so I know it works that way.
What other devices won’t know from the MIDI clock is when “1” is. For that you need a start command.

Andrew, please read the first two messages on this thread, from me and @BrennanSingularSound
Also, I did not understand your last paragraph, sorry.

Sorry I wasn’t clear. I did read the messages. Let me try again.
Always on will send the MIDI clock as you expect and other devices should receive them. With that, multiple devices can all align to the same tempo as you expect.
If you need them all to keep in sync with the beats of the measure, you will need the start command so they all know when the first beat is.
The difference is “in sync with the tempo” and “in sync with the beats of the measure at the right tempo”

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