BeatBuddy MIDI Out

I have the following set-up:
BandHelper > Yamaha MD-BT01 wireless Bluetooth MIDI adapter > BeatBuddy > Ditto X4 Looper > Midi-Thru > MD-BT01

I use BandHelper to send LSB and program changes to change songs on the BeatBuddy automatically when I select a song from my BandHelper setlist. What I want to do (and sort of succeeded), is to have BandHelper receive remote control commands from BeatBuddy, specifically, when I trigger the outro to a song, it ends and the MIDI stop command FC(0) is sent out by the BeatBuddy, I want this to trigger the “Next Song” action in BandHelper (I did set this option in the remote control module within BandHelper) so I can transition a bit more fluidly to the next song in the setlist, instead of having to take my hands off my guitar and manually hit next song in BandHelper on my iPhone. The next song in BandHelper would trigger the BeatBuddy to change to the appropriate song/beat, just waiting for me to push the pedal to start it.

The problem I am having is that there is some sort of loop happening (I think), where I select a song in BandHelper, then it rapidly keeps going to the next song, and BeatBuddy keeps jumping to each song until it stalls.

Does BeatBuddy also send out an FC when a new song is selected, even though it isn’t playing and it is idle?

Can you use band helper with a computer tablet or just an ipad?

So no one knows if the BeatBuddy is sending out the stop (FC) command when a song is selected, and not just when a song finishes?

BB can send the Stop command, depends on how you have it setup. Take a look at the MIDI-OUT section in the MIDI Manual

its not sending a stop command when a new song is selected. I don’t think its sending anything via MIDI-OUT when a song is selected, perhaps tempo if synced but that is all

not sure how you would do this but perhaps a Bluetooth midi foot switch could be programmed to send the signals to multiple devices?