BeatBuddy Midi Sync with Ditto X4 Looper

I use the TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3 - Triple threat. Voice effects, Guitar effects, and looping. Works splendid with the BB.

Wow! I didn’t know it would sync with the BeatBuddy. Now if I could only sing… :frowning:

I’ve just boxed up my Ditto x4 and returning it. I’m going for the Infinity.

You won’t be disappointed. Check the firmware when you get it to make sure that you have the latest version (2.11 now). Happy to have helped! :slight_smile:

Yes sir! will do.

I’m going to resurrect this. I just ordered -a ditto x4 to try out. Has anyone been using it with any luck since the last post? I’ve been using the voicelive 3 for the last year and had some decent luck with it but overall it’s just too much to operate on the fly (I want more physical knobs that can be adjusted quickly without digging into the device). I use 1 of the 500 presets but still can’t get it to sound as good as my old rig. I’ve mainly stuck it out because of the midi sync with the beatbuddy. I’m looking forward to getting back to my old (more simplified) setup with a different looper that will sync. (I tried this with the infinity before, but oddly enough, I couldn’t get the loop timing right. It was really strange compared to what I came from boss rc20xl). Just looking for some more current feedback on the ditto x4. Thanks!

Hi Dusty,
I have the Ditto lopper not the x4 but, I am experiencing some sync issues with the beat buddy and my ditto. when I use them the first 6-8 measures of a song will stay relatively synced up. But after that I experience a gradual lag in the timing of the cord changes to the timing on the beat buddy. It could be that I am not bringing in the lopper at the precise moment it needs to be started but, this can be a major issue when doing live gigs. I have not dared to try it on a live give with the lopper for fear of embarrassment on longer songs. However with shorter songs it seems to stay in sync relatively well. I am going to upgrade the firmware on my beat buddy to 7 and see if that does not help the timing issue. I hope it does because I bought the beat buddy to use specifically in conjunction with a lopper. I’ll post more when I have testing the new firmware.

So the infinity looper works great with the beat buddy? I have a basic EHX Nano 360 looper pedal but eventually want a fancier one with MIDI that integrates well with the beat buddy. Been looking at the TC Flashback as it has delay as well.

Flashback X4 MIDI-Implementation is a shame… The only thing to do with MIDI is to sync the delay, but NOT the looper. If you want a sync looper - look for another one!

I bought a Pigtronix Infinity even though it was expensive since looping will play a key role as a beginner and into the future plus I can use it with my laptop for looping stuff besides guitar. Still learning it as it is way more complex than other loopers.

So for all that I read, I can understand that Infinity is the best choise or I’m wrong? I’m new in looper and so confuse, I try to understand what to buy to use with BB, all is so confuse because someone said that Infinity is not so intuitive but dittox 4 is so dificult to get the syncro, and what about Boomerang III?..for what I need to start will be enough the simple ditto but I’m afraid i will get mad to syncronize my tunes…so what to choose? thanks for your help guys, cheers Marcelo

Someone has experience with simple loopers no midi sync with BB? like ditto or rowin?

Get an iPad get quantiloop, don’t look back, best loopper in my opinion.

thanks, but you can sync with BB? I pad have no midi port

It syncs excellent, in fact it was designed with the BeatBuddy in mind

cool tks larry

How soon do you need the looper…we’re waiting on the Singular Sound Looper pedal product to come out…hopefully soon… stay away from the Boss loopers as many say they dont sync either. Do you prefer a hardware or software option for your needs?
Yeah Ive been trying to decide what to do. i dont need a looper right away. I bought the Boss RC-3 before I knew about the beat buddy and then sent it back after I found out about the sync issues (and it didnt have midi anyways) so Im waiting on SS to put out their own product…was supposed to be at the NAMM 2018 show but it seems it got delayed.for some reason

I’ve been searching for a midi enabled looper and the cheapest is the x4, then the rc202 and then a lot more, but they’re all expensive and i’ve always thought the next logical product step for Singular is to combine the BB with a looper (like Digitech did with the trio > trio+) so if SS bring a looper out Id be very interested. Anyone know if this is just an idea or reality and if so anyone know of a release date?

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Read this forum. Yes Im looking for the same. It was already supposed to have come out at NAMM 2018 but got pushed back (unknown reason):

Then there is of course the option of using the built in looper of the Line 6’s Helix or Helix LT floor units, if you are a guitar player and already using the Helix or LT for your amp/cab/efx simulator pedal board.