Beatbuddy Mini 2 help with song matching

I recently purchased the BeatBuddy Mini 2.

I tried the song matching tool for some of the songs I was playing.

I need some clarity regarding the beat mentioned for some of the songs.

For example-

Californication by RHCP - BeatBuddy Mini 2: Pop 1- 16ths

I understand I have to select Pop 1 in the song but how do I select 16ths? I dont see it in the list.

Also for some songs, you have mentioned a different time signature. But I am not able to change the time signature on the song. How do you change it?

For example -

Iris by Goo Goo dolls - BeatBuddy Mini 2: Blues 5- 6/8

I can see the Blues 5 song but it’s in the 4/4 time signature.

Please advise!

Based on just the Song Matching Tool it looks like you might have BB Mini and not Mini 2, or at least the beats.

Blues 5 in Mini is in 12/8, which does resemble 4/4 more than 6/8 :thinking:

No. I am 100% sure I have the Mini 2

If that’s the case then perhaps the Song Matching Tool got them swapped by accident? So if you check the suggestion for BB Mini then does it work? :thinking:

I believe Pop 1 - 16ths is the name of one specific song, the 16ths is not critical to see in the name if not there, it should be the same one as the one found in the BeatBuddy Default content list

Do you not hear the song working well with this beat?

Let me know!