Beatbuddy Mini 2 with Footswitch+

Hi. I’m gigging in a duo with the Mini 2. I know with the Singular Sound footswitch+ you can tap the right button to pause the beat.
But after pausing, could I then select another pattern on the main unit, therefore effectively ending the previous song?

I appreciate you have the option to configure the footswich to end the song with the main Beatbuddy, but at £200 more than the Mini, it was out of my budget.

I always struggle to end songs in gigs by double tapping the mini 2 and getting the pattern to stop with the outro fill (which I wish you could disable!). Sometimes the red light comes on so I think I’ve done it, but the thing continues to play!


Hey there,

Unfortunately, the BeatBuddy MINI firmware cannot be updated. The unit is as is.

Thank you for reaching out

Thanks but that wasn’t what I asked. It was the question : if I pause a beat on the Mini using the right hand switch on the Footswitch+ (all of which is current functionality) can I then select a different pattern on the Mini (ie whilst in the Pause state).

The functions on the BeatBuddy mini are fixed and cannot be edited or changed