BeatBuddy Mini 2

Are there any BeatBuddy Mini 2 owners out there…and wondering if there is if you have found a site where there is a list of songs and their drum sets, tempo etc are listed or shared

Hi, no this is the only place I seen them.
I go to sites like and sites like that to fine the bpm of a song and go through the pedal.
Dont bother request a song, nothing is done.
It is useless to request a song here or even post about the mini or mini2 here it’s pretty much ignored

Here is one page from this site that has a few mini songs

Some where in this forum some one made a pdf file but it was mostly the s as me songs.

Your best bet is to play around with it and you can get close.
Love my mini 2. But this place doesnt have much for you or me

I was surprised as I thought there would be more support for the mini/mini 2…

I just got my Mini2 and trying to understand it. I just want something to use when I play at home. I play country and looking for simple settings. Another thing, I’m 81.

First you will have to learn the functions of the controls…and if you look at the post Gunslinger posted to a comment I made you will find a few places where you can find some places to go for samples…