Hi, I’m Just New on this forum and could nota fint much info about de beatbuddy MINI. Maybe that some of you have an answer tot my question.

  1. is it possible tot put the MINI before boss rc3 loper. Its my intention to record te drum and then record the guitarpart (s)
  2. Can you change the intro of the MINI into just four or three beats instead of the standaard intro.

thans in advance
joop kerlen

You can record the Mini’s beats in a looper, just play the audio directly from the Mini into the looper.

You cannot change the intros in the Mini.

Thanks for your Quick respons. Before I’ll run to my local musical store I Have additional questions .

  1. After I recorded the drum and a guitar strumming part on the RC3 looper is it possible to play the loop While using a drive- or
    dealy-pedal to play a solo over the loop ? Or Will the use of the pedals have a negative effect on the sound from my amplifier VOX AC 15?
  2. Could I expect troubles in the rythm/timing between the recorded loop and the Beatbuddy-mini? When thee play toeter at the samen time?

    Joop Kerlen

I ment: When playing at the same time. Sorry