BeatBuddy Mini - Catalogue of Genre Patterns

I’ve been searching the manual and forum for a table that offers the time signature and a layman’s description of the drum rudiments, but have had no luck. I’ve started my own spreadsheet to give me a good starting point on matching up song patterns to chord charts, and have posted it as a resource. I welcome comments/suggestions on how to further flesh out and refine these tables. I hope someone else finds this useful.

Thanks for sharing your thoughtful work.

Thanks a lot! Got my Buddy today, great overview, helps a lot !!

Nice. Thanks.

Hey QunitrKD - very useful! thank you & I feel your pain. I got here from another of your posts about a song list / database for the mini. You asked for people’s thoughts on posting the songs in .csv are … well, it’s better than nothing, right? I added to it on that thread, and also sent tech support my list for inclusion on the site’s public version.
On the above issue you raise regarding drum beats - I have this fantasy…that the drum beats could all get recorded and converted to a midi scroll to show what the patterns are, eliminating the personal interpretations of descriptions. You just need to learn to read “drums”. Just a visual map/grid of all the patterns snares, kicks, cymbals, etc… what do you think, “in theory”?

I originally had this in excel format… but I could not upload in that format. The csv format did not even occur to me. I do use the sort feature quite often on my old SR-16 song list. In any case, I just recently learned that you can save an adobe back to the original file format through the “save-as other” command (though I do use the professional version of adobe. There may be a similar option in blu-beam.

I think you can zip the Excel file and it should upload.

I made a summary of some of the.
For some the A and B part are very similar, some have long outro and others are short.
I wanted to know what I was getting into if I used my BBmini at an acoustic jam
Here’s how I’m capturing this

1 - 2 parts, busy outro - default 130
2 - 2 parts, simple outro - default 170
3 - 2 parts, busy outro - 120
4 - 1 part - snarry, medium outro 160
5 - 2 parts, simple outro 110

1 - 4/4, 2 parts, medium outro 100
2 - 6/8, 2 parts, simple outro 84-slow
3 - 6/8, 2 parts, simple outro 84-slow
4 - 6/8, 2 parts, simple outro 84-slow
5 - 12/8, 2 parts, medium outro 140

1 - 4/4, 1 part, Long outro, 100
2 - 4/4, 2 similar parts, long outro, 100
3 - 4/4, 2 parts, long outro, 100
4 - 4/4, 2 parts, simple outro, 100
5 - 4/4, 2 parts, medium outro, 105

1 - 4/4, cymbals!, 2 parts, long outro, 100
2 - 4/4 cymbals, 2 parts, long outro, 105
3 - 4/4, 2 parts, long outro, 107
4 - 4/4, 2 parts, short outro, 100
5 - 4/4, 2 parts, long outro, 107

1 - 4/4, 2 similar parts, short outro, 72
2 - 4/4, 2 parts, long outro, 69
3 - 4/4, 2 parts, short outro, 73
4 - 4/4, 2 parts, long outro, 68
5 - 4/4, 2 parts, short outro, 95

Tried to download your file but got a message that the attachment was unavailable. It may be because I just joined and need to do some posting - need to check the forum rules lol.

anyone know if we have the same thing for the BB Big Brother pedal?

QuintrKD, could not download the file, can you repost it? Thanks

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Try reading post #10 in this thread as it explains the issue and what can be done about it.

is there a way that that post could be put as a sticky so all of the new members would be forced to read it and verify before being allowed to download any files. it would sure save you guys a lot of grief.

Thanks, LeeMo. It is a sticky in the General Discussions section of the forum. I’ve also tried highlighting it as a sticky at the top of the Resources section with about the same effect. Do you have any suggestion for a location with better visibility?

The problem is this thread got recently ‘re-awakened’. The original post was from Jan17, 2017, but some of us assumed it was a current thread. I guess we need to check that next time. Sorry.

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I did not take it as a complaint but rather as a very good suggestion :slight_smile:

The uploaded file seems to have disappeared. Would you please be kind enough to reupload? Many thanks