Beatbuddy mini full manual

Dear Beautbuddy mini users,

I just bought a second hand "beatbuddy mini "yesterday. I will use it to practice bass guitar.
I can’t find a full manual for it (only a quick start guide). Where could I find something more detailled ?
For exampe I would like to change time signature but I can’t find how to do that.
Thanks for your help

Yep, that’s about all you get with the mini. There’s probably one or two videos knocking around & someone on here posted a list of the genres and grooves and what songs they could be used for. You can’t change the time signature but there are a few different ones in the ‘odd times’ folder.

I just got my mini and checked the song matching tool list. It would be great if there was a chart listing the original BB beat with the matching (or most closely matching) mini beat. For example, what is the closest match on the mini for Bues 2 on the original BB? Thanks for anybody’s help.

Where did you find the song matching tool list.?

Thanks v much…Im in now!

Not much in that to go by. I looked and i did find 3 songs that suited me.