Beatbuddy mini in effects chain

Hi, brand new to beat buddy and trying to figure out how to use it with headphones. If it is after all the effects, then that signal goes to the input of my guitar amp, then out to headphones. However, the bb drums get combined with the effects, and they sound distorted and run together. I don’t know if I have it in the wrong place, or I need to get a small mixer to listen with headphones?

Ideally you wouldn’t put the BB into the guitar amp. (and you don’t need to run the guitar into the Beatbuddy). Hos are you listening to your guitar (amp) now? Assuming you have a line out of some sort from your guitar rig; then, yes, run this output and the output from the Beatbuddy (you can use the headphone out but I prefer the 2 1/4" outputs) into a mixer.

I do this using an 8 channel audio interface to substitute for the mixer. Then I can listen with headphones or run the output into some PA speakers.

Does your guitar amp have headphones out or perhaps an effects send out jack?
What amp do you have? It may help if we know what you have.

If you can send the guitar amp audio to the BeatBuddy ‘L/Mono’ input jack, the guitar sound will mix with the drums and you can use a set of headphones plugged in the BB.
**** Do not use a speaker out jack on the guitar to send audio to the BB.****
The connection would be similar to this image below, but the looper and other pedal would be your amp. If you hook this up, start with the amp gain/volume at zero and increase to a reasonable listening level with the drums. Headphone volume on the side of the BB and the Main volume will adjust the volume in the headphones.

So I included a diagram of my setup. The distortion pedal is not in there, but the overdrive channel on the vox substitutes for it. (From Mark’s picture I see this is a problem) Both amps have a 1/4" output for headphones, which I switch for whatever amp I’m using. I suppose a small mixer would be more convenient in this regards anyway, to keep the headphones in one slot.
However, neither of these amps has an Aux out. (the Rumble has an aux in though).
So I guess the easiest solution is to get a dedicated distortion pedal? 20190823_094330%5B1%5D|375x500

I neglected a pretty big piece of info, I’m using the BeatBuddy Mini 2, and not the original. So obviously there are some differences in the inputs/outputs.

RE the Rumble:

More than just a solid performance tool

The Rumble 100 combo isn’t just about performance, though; it also helps you practice. It’s stuffed with a handy aux input that you can plug your iPod, laptop, drum machine, or other practice gear into. And there’s an 1/8" headphone jack, so you can practice late into the night.

That’s the way to go for your bass, with your set up. Get the BB out of your chain altogether, and just run it into the Rumble. That Aux input is designed to be a clean input for just this sort of thing. If your looper is not mid synced to your BB, and from your diagram, it appears that it is not, there is no reason to have the BB connected to any other gear. Just run it direct into the amp, since you have the open input for it.

And yes, if the only reason you need the Vox is for the distortion, then a nice distortion pedal, could solve your problem. Eliminate the Vox amp from your rig, add the distortion after the compressor pedal, and run the BB direct into the Rumble. You also won’t need the second switch. Just have the headphones plugged into the Rumble.

Bass amps mostly work as full range amps. You’ll still have the balls there for your bass, but the guitar sounds are not going to hurt it.

Since it’s the Mini 2, your need a 1/4" to 1/8" cable or an adapter, as the aux input look to be 1/8".

@Phil_Flood Yes, I was thinking of putting bb mini just in the rumble as its dedicated amp after I started this chain. It really is a good all around practice amp. However, the Vox’s clean channel is better as far as guitars go, so want to continue to use it in the lineup. And with the AB/Y switch, I can get decent stereo sound with the two amps- but just not together with one headphones. Yet still, a decent distortion pedal for either amp is needed, but that’s a whole different story on finding one good for a SS amp.