BeatBuddy Mini Mod

Bought a BeatBuddy Mini a week ago and I am impressed with the sounds for what it Cost.
After reading some reviews and some post on this Forum, I came to the following conclusions:

  1. The Add-On pedal seems to be noizy
  2. Wouldn’t It be nice to have 3 Pedals on the floor and the BeatBuddy on your Mic Stand where you can make changes without bending over during a show?
    What I have done to my BRAND NEW BeatBuddy Mini … I did on my own risk and realize that my Warranty is gone … But it was worth it ALL the way.

I used 3 x Roland DP-2 pedals (I had to open the and changed the configuration) The two pedal on the sides goes to the BBM Footswitch Input with a TRS jack. The One in the middle connects to the new Input withit’s original jack.

Now I can Control everything from the floor and still make changes quickly on the BBM itself.

The original switch on the BBM stays fully functional on it’s own with the pedal removed.

If you do this … It is needless to say you are doing it at your own risk … And maybe the manufacturers could even think about incorporating this in future models.

Here is how to modify the Roland pedal:

Can this be done the same way for the regular beat buddy?