BeatBuddy Mini Multi-Samples

Just wondering how the actual drum sound quality of the Mini stacks up when compared to the BB full version - i.e. I know it’s 16 bit compared to 24 bit (& mono rather than stereo) but do the kits use the same amount of multi-samples as BB full? I personally wouldn’t be too interested if it uses less as the BB full is just right in that respect - just too expensive for my requirements.

OK, so no-one knows then I take it due to the huge amount of replies?

I’ll answer my own question as it may be helpful to others. I now have a Mini and the sound quality is okay (for mono) but I reckon there are definitely less multi-samples used (if any, may just be 1 sample per drum) than on the full BeatBuddy as it has that kind of machine gun effect going on with snare rolls etc (happens when same samples are re-triggered over and over again).
The manual states that only the official BB pedal is compatible but this is not true as my Behringer FS112 works perfectly with it although my Marshall double foot switch does not. You just can’t change from latching to non-latching type like you can with the full BB.

I just got in a “Mini” and a FS112BX pedal and they work fine together. There seems to be several variants of the FS112 - I believe the only difference is that the button labels are different for the various Behringer products. I paid $17 shipped for mine as a factory refurb off of fleaBay using a “best offer” to get it down from $20.

I’m tempted to mod the 'Mini" to duplicate the main footswitch onto the plug-in one so I can use it off the floor. I’d have to give up one of the plug-in switch’s normal functionality - or install a second footswitch jack and buy another FS112 :slight_smile: .

Interestingly, despite the manual stating that only the official BB pedal is compatible I now have an official BB footswitch (came with my BeatBuddy Full version I recently bought, not Mini) that does not work correctly with the Mini as it is obviously one of the older latching versions. Just a warning really for anyone buying a BB Mini then purchasing an old or used BB footswitch to check it’s a momentary type footswitch!

The BB can use any pedal, but uses a TRS Stereo cable (two rings) . I am using a Boss FS-6 footswitch that can operate as latching as well as momentary with toggle switches. I can’t speak for the Mini but on the main BB pedal, there are menu options to pick if its a momentary or latching ext pedal, which tells me it can work with both.

Incorrect for the BB Mini - latching doesn’t work, momentary does and there are no menu options on the Mini. Sold mine now anyway and bought full BB but this info may help others who use the Mini.