BeatBuddy Mini2 Songlist link Attached

Hi we are new to BeatBuddy and just got the mini2 . We love it, first solo gig with it this weekend. We’ve been trying to find some of the beats for certain songs and they’re not out there for this product (which has less/different stuff than the BeatBuddy).
So here is what we have so far, a few we are trying to find so if you know them (you will see the blanks) please reply! And if you have songs to add to it, also reply and I will add them to it and keep the link the same! and if you find some beats are better than what we found please do share, perhaps we just havent discovered it yet!

Nice list. Could I suggest adding a column for artist as well?

OK I added it, think its all accurate. Feel free to let me know if you find better drum beats in the mini2 than we have and let us know some of the songs you play too…always lookin to expand the set list!

Knocking on Heaven’s door : have you tried Ballad 2 , tempo 70 ? this is what is suggested for the BeatBuddy tool.

Thanks we’ll try it!